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How to identify a concussion and when it is necessary to seek medical attention

A concussion is a type of brain injury caused by a blow to the head.  It can be categorized as a minor injury requiring minimal treatment, or a major injury that requires immediate medical attention.  A concussion can affect how the brain works for a long period of time and can be accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms. The most common symptoms of this injury include a bad headache, changes in alertness, memory loss, confusion, irritability, fatigue, or a short term loss of consciousness. Minor concussions may not lead to loss of consciousness.  In fact, a person can have a minor concussion and not realize it. 


A concussion can affect how the brain works for a long period of time.

If any of the following symptoms are observed, seek immediate medical attention as a more serious brain injury has occurred and it should be treated as an emergency:

  •  Changes in alertness and consciousness
  •  Confusion that does not go away
  •  Seizures
  •  Muscle weakness on one or both sides
  •  Pupils of the eyes that are not equal in size
  •  Unusual eye movements
  •  Repeated vomiting
  •  Walking or balance problems
  •  Unconsciousness for a longer period of time or that continues (coma)

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Eye Injuries in Children
Caring for an eye injury that one of your children has sustained can be a tricky proposition.

Eye injuries occur fairly often to children, especially those involved in sports. Most minor injuries can be treated with an ice pack and a little TLC.  For more serious injuries, it’s important for the appropriate eye care specialist, primary care doctor or even the school nurse to examine the injury and recommend an appropriate course of action as soon as possible.  Due to the sensitivity of the human eye, delaying medical attention could result in permanent damage and/or vision loss. 

Equally important to this is the measure of care that is provided by the parent or guardian BEFORE the child can be seen by a medical professional.  The following steps are recommended for temporary eye care just after an injury is sustained:

  • DO NOT press or rub the injured eye
  • DO NOT apply any kind of ointment, medication or eye drop remedy to the eye
  • If the eye lid or surrounding area is bleeding, gently cover the eye with gauze or soft material that is sanitary
  • Gently apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and help stop bleeding
  • Do not attempt to remove a foreign body or any object that appears to be embedded in any part of the eye
  • Only in the event of chemical exposure, flush with cool tap water immediately

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A.D.A.M. Wins Three Communicator Awards!
Ask A Doctor and A.D.A.M. OnDemand take home Awards of Excellence

A.D.A.M. recently won three Communicator Awards for its work with ADAM OnDemand and Ask A Doctor.  Two Gold Awards of Excellence were given (Ask a Doctor Twitter Feed & Introduction ADAM OnDemand Commercial) as well and one Silver Award of Distinction (ADAM OnDemand Website).


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